The 英语语言中心 (ELC) prepares students to use English effectively in all situations, 无论是学术上的, 专业, 或者日常情况.


William Carey University is authorized by the Department of 首页land 安全 (DHS) to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. 我们的ELC课程经过评估并授权授予正式的完成证书. The certificates are used to waive the language examinations at William Carey University and are a subject of getting a waiver status at the other institutions across the United States and Canada.

通过将小班教学与最新的教学技术相结合, we are able to meet the language needs of all students and assist them with a smooth transition into their studies.


多年来, our dedicated language teachers assisted international students of different nationalities to improve their language: communication, 语法, 写作, 以及社交技巧. “我们有来自世界各地的学生:中国, 德国, 智利, 俄罗斯, 墨西哥, 瑞典, 西班牙, 比利时, 法国, 乌克兰…随着我们节目的改进, 我们将很高兴为我们的学生服务,并尽我们所能帮助他们. The program is designed to deliver an excellent language education to diverse students,”- says Ms. Laine Bourdene, William Carey英语语言中心主任.


The ELC program starts 4 times a year and runs together with regular classes in order to encourage communication between ELC students and full-time students. 学生们可以在他们最方便的时候开始这个项目.


Our international students receive a complete orientation to American culture by participating in the same activities as regular students admitted to William Carey University. 他们按照同样的规则、时间表生活,住在同样的宿舍. It is important for us to ensure that the students get a full experience of American culture while being enrolled in the ELC. 也, the ELC students can participate in all of the university student activities and be a part of William Carey Social/Greek Life by joining different societies and on-campus organizations.


在ELC中, students study in a class with others at the same level of English proficiency determined by the placement test. 考试分为四个部分:语法、听力、语言运用和写作. 该测试将在上课的第一天提供给注册的ELC学生. 测试结束后,学生将接受面试,并被安排相应的位置.

William Carey University is authorized by the Department of 首页land 安全 (DHS) to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. 国际 students who wish to be admitted to the 英语语言中心 (ELC) must meet the requirements listed below.

  1. 英语课程入学申请: 申请人可于凯里大学网页( Applications may also be requested by mail through the Office of 国际 招生 on the 沙巴体育手机版 campus.
  2. 40美元不可退还的申请费: This one-time fee, which allows for your application to be processed, should be mailed via U.S. 请将支票或汇票寄到国际招生办公室,地址为:WCU Box 13, 威廉·凯里公园路710号, 沙巴体育手机版,邮编39401
  3. 学习成绩: 以下信息是本科录取时需要考虑的.
    • 大一新生(第一次上大学):
      Academic records indicating the level of secondary completion or course work completed at a foreign institution(s) must be provided.
      Scholastic Testing—A minimum American College Test (ACT) score of 20 or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score of 950 is required. 这些成绩的复印件必须邮寄到国际招生办公室.
    • 转学:
      Academic records indicating the level of secondary completion or course work completed at a foreign institution(s) must be provided.
      Academic records indicating course progress from any institution(s) of higher education or official transcript(s) from U.S. 所就读的院校是必需的. 正式成绩单是指从一个机构直接邮寄到另一个机构的成绩单. 在沙巴体育app签发I-20之前,所有记录必须是英文的.
    • Transcripts from foreign institutions must be submitted through World Education Services (www.韦斯.org). 评估结果必须邮寄到沙巴体育app. 这个过程需要30到60天.
      Students transferring from foreign institutions of higher education who do not submit a transcript evaluation will be considered first-time freshmen and must meet requirements stated for freshmen students.
    • Students transferring from any American college or university must coordinate the transfer of their I-20 status from their current institution to William Carey University. The requirements for obtaining such transfer are established by each individual institution.
  4. 官方托福或雅思成绩: A minimum score of 433 is required on the paper-based TOEFL; a minimum score of 120 on the computer-based TOEFL; or a minimum score of 40 on the internet-based TOEFL. 希望参加雅思考试的学生必须达到最低要求的3分.5.
  5. 财务证明: A complete proof of financial support for the duration of your stay in the United States is required. This document may be downloaded from the Carey website and must be submitted accompanied by an official bank letter (not bank statement), 确认金额, 在你.S. 可用于你在沙巴体育app的学习.
  6. 免疫接种证明: 沙巴体育app要求两(2)次麻疹证明, 流行性腮腺炎, 以及在抵达美国之前接种风疹疫苗. 另外, each students must have a chest x-ray and Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) performed in the United States and submit the results to the office of international admissions prior to starting class.
  7. 预付学费: 可退还的500美元费用包括您的住房押金(150美元).00 - US$200.00) any other initial or miscellaneous expenses associated to your first academic term at William Carey University.
  8. 主要医疗保险: Medical coverage while attending an institution of higher education in the United States is required. 所有的国际学生都必须与学校签订一份政策. 学生将在每个学期开始时接受保险范围评估. More information on the health insurance policy adopted by William Carey University is available online.
  9. 附加信息: 目前, the estimated cost of attending William Carey University’s 英语语言中心 for two academic terms (20 weeks) ranges around US$12,500. Students must be prepared to pay their cost of attendance in full on registration day prior to their starting trimester.

如果国际学生住在学校, 住宿将在整个学年的预定休息时间提供, 除了圣诞假期. 校园宿舍将于12月21日圣诞假期关闭,并于1月12日重新开放. 国际 students should make plans to return home or seek alternate housing for that time period. 每学年有四次为期一周的休息. 这些休息时间将提供住宿和膳食,每周额外收费.

为了获得F-1签证, 国际学生可以预约最近的美国学校.S. 离境后90天内在本国的领事馆或大使馆. 他们必须随身携带他们的财务文件, 录取通知书, 以及I-20,以供展示和审阅. 美国.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recommends the entering student be honest and have copies of all documents sent to William Carey University available for review by the U.S. 领事馆、大使馆或美国海关官员.S. 入境口岸. Custom officials may at any point of a student’s travel to the United States deny him/her entry into the country. Copies of original documents may be faxed or mailed to the Office of 国际 招生.


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